Garden Ideas for an Above Ground Pool

An above-ground pool is less expensive than an in-ground pool and can be constructed more quickly. But an above-ground pool can have a stark appearance, with its metal frame and supports. Making your above ground pool more attractive and turning it into an inviting place for friends and family can be accomplished with some landscaping around the pool and in pots on a deck that surrounds it.

Plan for a Deck

Build a wooden deck with a staircase leading up to poolside. The deck can encircle the pool or you can save money by having it built part of the way around your pool.

Go Tropical

Plant large tropical looking foliage in the ground around your pool. Some palm trees are fairly frost tolerant---consider the Mexican fan palm, which is hardy to 18 degrees Fahrenheit. You can grow bananas as an annual around your pool---they grow quickly and often come back from their roots the following spring.

Decorate with Ornamental Pots

Shop for a number of decorative pots that have drainage holes and plant flowers, ferns and other plants in them on your pool deck. Be sure to consider how much sun your area will receive in midsummer because some plants, such as many ferns, can't tolerate full sun. Wine barrels that have been cut in half make good planters for larger plants, such as citrus trees. Lemon and orange trees are good looking on your pool deck and will provide a wedge of fruit for your guests' beverages.

Don't Forget the Lawn

Planting a patch of lawn on the ground below your above ground pool will create a green space that helps to "soften" the area and provide a place for sunbathing, croquet and a children's play area.

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