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Fruit trees are very popular in Florida because the warm weather lends itself to a great harvest. The state is mostly associated with orange and grapefruit trees. The industry brings in more than $9 billion dollars annually and employs 76,000 Floridians. According to the Florida Department of Citrus, more than 80 percent of America's orange juice typically comes from oranges grown in the sunshine state. There are other fruits grown there, too, including mangoes, avocados, grapes, peaches, figs, guavas, persimmons and pineapples.

Step 1

Choose fruit trees that do well in hot, humid climates that do not experience freezing temperatures. They need to thrive in light sand or limestone soil types.

Step 2

Grow Hamlin, Navel, Pineapple, Valencia and Ambersweet varieties of orange trees, which are the most popular in Florida. The harvest season runs from October to June. Orange trees have white, fragrant blossoms that row in clusters. They bloom in spring and make way for oranges the following fall or winter. New flowers bloom while last season's fruit remains on the tree.

Step 3

Opt for Flame, Ruby Red, Marsh, Thompson and Duncan when planting Florida grapefruit. All five varieties do very well in the climate and have an extended growing season--from September through June. Grapefruits are larger than oranges and may be flat on both ends. The skin is yellow with shades of white, green and pink.

Step 4

Know that other specialty fruit is typically in season from October through April. Mangoes, for instance, grow on evergreen trees with rounded canopies. The fruit itself can be round, oval or oblong in shape.


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