The Best Performing Daylilies

Daylilies are an easy-to-grow, colorful addition in all climate zones. Ranging in colors from white to red to multi-colored, this popular flowering plant divides itself every year, so you can end up with large clumps of daylilies---you can utilize this feature to fill in unattractive areas of your property. Regional Daylily Society Chapters can advise you on the best performers for your area.

Yellow Daylilies

For early flowering, choose Early Flora, Early Oxford, Elizabeth, Flava Major, Gold Dust, Judge Orr and Lemon Daylily if you want tall plants. Shorter varieties include Spring Larken, Stella De Oro, Penny's Worth, Sunblest and Happy Returns. Late bloomers include Last Quarter, Jen Melon, Letty Lately and Autumn King.

White Daylilies

Early bloomers include Light the Way, Jolly White Giant, Wedding Band and Young Countess. The tall Silver Snowflake, Late Cream and White Temptation are good performers for mid-season and late blooming.

Apricot and Orange Daylilies

Early bloomers include Orangeman, Buckeye, Clementella and Early Belinda. Mid to late season bloomers that perform well include Frans Hals, Princess Irene, August Pioneer and Late Beacon.

Melon and Peach Daylilies

The multicolored daylilies are among the most attractive varieties. Good performers early in the season include Chippewa Bride, Golden Scroll, Prairie Sunset and Sweet Harmony. If you want flowers later in the season, choose Horizon, Peach Mandelynne or Postlude.

Pink and Rose Daylilies

Early bloomers include Janice Brown, Strawberry Hill, Winsome Lady and Zagora. Late season bloomers include Fall Fancy, Olallie Mack and late Calypso.

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