Fabulous Garden Ideas

It doesn't take much to make a garden fabulous. Use the garden space to create cozy and relaxing niches for year-round outdoor living. Open areas such as patios and courtyards can be transformed into extended living areas. Balance the garden with different textures, colors and accessories. Bring in functional seating and outdoor lights to create an inviting space for entertaining.

Arched Pathway

Create a striking and inviting arbor by adding flowering trees and vines coupled with a metal arch. To create the design, install the metal arch along a garden path. Grow pear trees or stunning grapevines to cover the arch for a shady tunnel. The foliage above will cover the arch for a lush and green design. During the spring, the blooms will begin their emergence and the arch will be covered in bright blooms and sweet fragrance. Add strings of outdoor lights under the archway for a magical stroll at night.

Garden Getaway

Along the edge of your garden, create your own private oasis and getaway. Use the shade of an old tree in the garden to create the cozy spot. Add a table and set of chairs to use for outdoor dining under your tree. Create romantic lighting by suspending glass votive from the tree limbs. Use old jam and jelly jars to make the light lanterns for a warm glow at night. Suspend them from chain and at different heights to create this outdoor chandelier. Nestle a pot of your favorite shade-loving flowers along the garden getaway for your own decorative touch. Sit back and watch your garden grow and come to life.


Nestle within your garden a private courtyard with its own tricking fountain. Adding an outdoor fountain to the garden space adds a fabulous addition to the garden and one that is very soothing. Lay soft pebbles around the courtyard area for a soft and inviting feel to the space. Grow colorful creeping ground covers like blue star creeper and sedum. These hardy and fast spreading plants help to fill in areas of the courtyard with color and texture. The outdoor fountain attracts birds and butterflies, which is relaxing to watch while sitting in the courtyard space.

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