How to Plant a Tree in Your Name


Trees symbolize many things, including life, family, and strength. While they can take on more mundane roles, such as landscaping and privacy, trees serve a much more important role. Trees improve the quality of our air, filter out impurities from the environment, and provide protection against the harsh elements of each season. If you want to make a positive impact on the environment while leaving behind a small reminder of yourself or someone you love, consider have a tree planted in your name.

Planting a Tree in Your Name

Step 1

Research the various foundations and charities that offer tree-gifting programs, locally and nationwide. Organizations such as The National Arbor Day Foundation plant gifted pine, cedar and fir trees in forests that have been destroyed by fire. offers two programs that plant gifted trees in Mexico and the United States. Other organizations, which are not directly related to the environment, offer tree-gifting programs to further their specific cause.

Step 2

Research trees, and choose a charity based upon the type of tree you wish to plant. Some charities offer a choice of trees, while others focus on one species.

Step 3

Verify the legitimacy of the charity to which you wish to donate money for planting a tree in your name. The FTC's Charity Checklist advises that you ask for written information about the charity and never give or send cash. Trust your instincts and do your homework so that your donation goes exactly where you want it to go.

Step 4

Call or visit the website of the organization that you wish to work with, and begin the donation process. In most instances, you will receive a card or certificate that signifies your donation.

Tips and Warnings

  • Unless you're working with a group that will be planting trees in a public park or on private property, typically your name will not be put on or around the tree, but is planted in name only.


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Who Can Help

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