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Plant labels are available in a variety of sizes and designs to match your garden style, including plain, decorated or embellished---and made of plastic, metal or terracotta. A common type of label is the T label, which has a square or rectangular area for plant information attached to a straight stake. Plant labels with two stakes are usually taller than T labels. Stepping or kneeling on labels can cause them to bend or break, and they can get lost under mulch or debris. Hang tags are attached to a limb of a shrub or tree with wire or string, are less likely to get lost and usually do not get bent or broken. Adjust the wire or string as the plant grows.


Mountain Valley Growers offer several types of plastic plant labels, including colored T labels. They have 5-inch green rectangular T labels that blend in with the plants and 6-inch terracotta colored T labels with a decorative edge that complement the garden. Both can be written on with a pencil or a marker. They also have 9-inch stakes with vinyl labels printed with UV fade-resistant ink. Each collection---herbs, perennials and vegetables---contains 18 stakes and 100 labels. Extra blank labels and stakes are also available.


Orion Garden Markers offer an assortment of stainless-steel and copper plant labels with embossed edging. The labels are available as hanging tags or as 18-inch stakes. Specially designed pens are used to write on the labels. Elegant steel plant labels from KS Plant Markers are finished with a UV-tolerant black-powder coat. The labels are available in rectangular or diamond shapes on 18-inch stakes. They can be written on with fade-proof fine-point pens.


Two styles of terracotta plant labels are available from Orion Garden Markers. The rectangular colonial plant tag is almost 4 inches wide. The handmade fleur de lis plant stake is 7 ½ inches tall. Both can be written on with a pen or crayon.


Plant labels are easy to make from a variety of household objects. Old window blind slats can be cut into 6- to 12-inch pieces, spray painted if the color is not suitable and pushed upright into the dirt. Scratched CD or DVD discs can be spray painted and glued to 18-inch long small dowels---¼ to ½ inch in diameter is best and are best used in large plants and garden areas. Broken saucers, dishes and cups can be wedged, broken side down, into the dirt in front of plants along the front of a flowerbed. A paint pen provides the best water- and sun-resistant writing on all of these do-it-yourself labels.

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