How to Protect Flowers From Too Much Sun While on Vacation


Flower beds require some upkeep all through the blooming season of summer. Many flowers thrive in full sunlight, but when you are on vacation, too much sun and not enough water may damage the plants. The soil dries out more quickly during sunny, dry periods of summer. Temporary shades and protection methods may help preserve soil moisture so your flowers don't die while you are gone.

Step 1

Lay a 2-inch layer of bark mulch around your flowering plants or replenish the existing mulch back up to the 2-inch level. Mulching shades and cools the roots, preventing heat damage from the sun while preserving moisture in the soil.

Step 2

Water the plants deeply after mulching and right before you leave on vacation. Provide approximately 1 inch of water per plant. Lack of water while on vacation stresses flowers and makes them more prone to sun damage.

Step 3

Push a 3- to 4-foot garden stake into the ground on either side of the flower bed. Stretch a length of snow fencing between the stakes and attach the fencing to them with garden ties. Snow fencing is inexpensive and provides partial shade to the plants.

Step 4

Move container planted flowers out of direct sunlight. Set them on a covered patio or move them under the shade of trees or shrubs.

Tips and Warnings

  • Remove spent blooms from the plants before you leave on vacation. Otherwise the flowers may go to seed and not flower as profusely on your return.

Things You'll Need

  • Mulch
  • Stakes
  • Snow fencing
  • Plant ties


  • University of Minnesota Extension: Mulching the Home Landscape
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