The Best Lawn Seeds

A beautiful lawn starts with picking grass seed. That, however, can prove quite complicated. There are many types of grass seeds and several things to take into consideration. The right choice of grass seed will provide the backdrop for your entire garden and yard while framing your home with a beautiful lawn.

Tall Fescue

The great thing about tall fescue is its hardiness. It grows well in almost any climate, can take varying degrees of water or drought, and stands up well to traffic. It is not as ornamental as some grasses so it isn't a top choice for a front lawn that frames a home unless the conditions are very severe and won't sustain a lawn of other types of grass. Tall fescue is often part of a mix with more ornamental types of grass in pre-packaged specialty combinations to make a tougher lawn.

Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky bluegrass is recognizable for its bluish hue. It is a beautiful lawn grass. Kentucky bluegrass is a tender grass that requires intensive care and frequent watering, especially when sprouting and taking root. It does not hold up as well to heavy traffic. Kentucky bluegrass tends to lose its color and get a yellow tint in alkaline soil. This does not do permanent damage and adjusting the soil will restore the beautiful blue grass color to your turf. To incorporate Kentucky bluegrass into an turf where conditions are not favorable, or where there is a lot of traffic, mix it with sturdier grass like tall fescue.


Ryegrass comes in two distinct types, which makes it great for all climates. Annual, or winter rye, works well in combination with other grasses that cannot handle cold to give grass a green look all year round. It germinates quickly and makes great filler while other grass seeds are taking hold. In cold climates, annual ryegrass does fine all on its own to provide a beautiful, lush, year round lawn. One of the best things about ryegrass is how easy it is to plant. Simply throw it over the soil and you are good to go. Perennial ryegrass is tough, and makes a fantastic lawn for backyards or walk areas. Perennial ryegrass is also top choice for a mix with ornamental lawn seed to toughen up the mix and keep it looking good in the colder months.

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