Homemade Hydroponic Aeroponic


An aeroponic garden is a type of hydroponic system in which hydroponic fertilizer is sprayed in a mist onto the roots of plants at regular intervals. The plants are suspended with the roots hanging down instead of planted in a growing medium. Because the plants are grown without soil, pest and disease problems are reduced. You can build your own aeroponic garden using inexpensive, readily available materials.

Step 1

Trace three or six circles, depending on whether you're using one or two spray heads, in a line down the center of the bin's lid. The circles should be just smaller than the rim of the net pots so that the pots will sit in the holes without falling through.

Step 2

Score the circles with a razor knife and carefully cut out the holes in wedge-shaped pieces to avoid breaking the plastic of the lid.

Step 3

Remove the spray heads from the bottles and place them at one end of the bin, just below the rim. The sprayers should point at the net pots when the lid is replaced. Hold them in place with strings or wires.

Step 4

Squeeze the nozzles of the spray bottles into the spray position and wrap them with duct tape to keep them open; this way, when the pump runs the nutrient solution will automatically run through the sprayers onto the roots of the plants.

Step 5

Set your submersible pump in the bottom of your aeroponic garden and run the hose from the pump to the spray nozzle.

Step 6

Fill the bin with hydroponic nutrient solution and turn on the pump to check the sprayers.

Step 7

Replace the lid on the bin and put your net pots with plants into the holes with the roots hanging down. If necessary, support the top portion of the plants with trellis or string to keep them upright.

Step 8

Set up a grow light as necessary, depending on the type of plants you're placing in your aeroponic garden. Vegetables, especially, will require grow lights for indoor planting.

Things You'll Need

  • Large plastic storage bin, at least 25 gallons, with tight-fitting lid
  • One or two spray heads from foliar feeding spray bottle
  • Submersible pump with timer
  • 1/4-inch diameter hose, three feet long
  • Net pots
  • Strong string or twist ties


  • HydroponicSearch.com: Homemade Aeroponics System

Who Can Help

  • SimplyHydro.com: Information and Instruction
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