How to Care for Black Mulch


Black mulch is a popular choice for gardeners who wish to add dramatic color and definition to their landscapes. Traditional hardwood mulch is often treated with charcoal as a color enhancer, which lasts for approximately one year. Black mulch made from nontoxic recycled tires consists of organically dyed rubber, with color lasting up to a decade. Although black rubber mulch is more expensive, its durability makes it more desirable and a lower-maintenance mulch. The type of garden you have may determine whether you want organic, naturally decomposing mulch versus black mulch made of synthetic material.

How to Care for Black Rubber Mulch

Step 1

Using a shovel or garden spade, dig out the area that borders the location where the black rubber mulch will be applied.

Step 2

Add a border of plastic flashing, rocks, bricks or other material to areas prepped for black rubber mulch. This will help keep rubber mulch in place.

Step 3

Pour black rubber mulch into a 5-gallon container for easy distribution.

Step 4

Apply black rubber mulch to designated garden areas; be careful to apply thicker in areas prone to high water, areas receiving runoff water and areas exposed to drain spouts.

Step 5

Using a water hose, spray off mulch after applying to remove dirt, grass and other debris.

Things You'll Need

  • Black rubber mulch
  • Gloves (optional)
  • 5-gallon bucket
  • Garden edging (plastic flashing, rocks or bricks for border)
  • Shovel or garden spade to install edging
  • Water hose


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