How to Make Fruit & Flower Centerpieces


Flowers have long been a classic option for table centerpieces, but you can give this traditional standby new flair with the addition of fresh and flavorful fruits. Centerpieces serve as the focal point of the table and can set the tone for the entire meal. Your choice of fruit and flowers can create a decadent and sensual atmosphere or set the tone for a light and cheerful summer party. Whatever your theme, fruit and flowers provide endless options for a distinct centerpiece.

Step 1

Select an assortment of fruit that suits the needs of your table. Decide whether you want the fruit in your piece to be edible or simply for show. An edible centerpiece should contain fruit that is washed, prepared and ready to eat. A selection of chocolate-dipped strawberries will make a decadent centerpiece. Melon balls and berries can provide a refreshing side for a summer meal. You may also combine a selection of frosted, dipped, glazed and plain fruits. For a centerpiece that is not meant to be eaten, use lemons, limes, pomegranates and other fruits that cannot be eaten without preparation.

Step 2

Pair your fruit selection with an appropriate choice of flowers. Rose petals and blossoms situated among chocolate-dipped strawberries create a luxurious and romantic setting. Simple sprays of baby's breath and a few bright summer flowers will accent melons and other summer fruits well. If your centerpiece is not edible, you can incorporate larger blooms in among the fruit in coordinating colors or scents.

Step 3

Arrange your fruit and flowers in a bowl, dish, plate or tiered cake stand. Edible fruits should be separated from the flowers enough that your guests don't find blooms stuck to their snack. Consider placing a small bouquet of flowers in a vase placed in the center or a dish of fruit, keeping the two separated. On a tiered cake stand, you can alternate with loose blooms placed on one of the tiers and fresh fruit occupying another.

Step 4

Place your fruit and flower centerpieces along the table. If the fruit is meant to be eaten, make sure that your guests can reach it easily. Provide enough centerpieces to accommodate all of your guests to prevent your creation from being moved around and passed from guest to guest like a serving dish. This type of centerpiece will fit especially well on a buffet table, as it provides a nice touch of decor among the other dishes while also serving as part of the meal.

Tips and Warnings

  • If you use wax fruit for your centerpiece, make sure that it is placed far from the buffet table and does not appear to be edible.

Things You'll Need

  • Fruit assortment
  • Flowers
  • Dish, bowl or plate


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