How to Make Pulling Weeds Easier

How to Make Pulling Weeds Easier Information

By Josie Borlongan, Garden Guides Contributor Pulling weeds by hand is the most common way to pull out weeds from the garden. The sooner you get to the weeds, the easier they are to pull. There are times, however, in cases of overgrown and deep-rooted weeds, that you may need additional tools to make pulling weeds easier.


* Shovel
* Trowel
* Collinear hoe
* Hula hoe
* Knife
* Rototiller
* Winged weeder
* Flame weeder


* Pull individual weeds including the roots with your hands and put them into a bucket for eventual dumping on the compost pile.
* Give the whole plant a sharp twist or use a sharp knife to slice off fine roots, leaving them behind as you pull out the stem and larger roots.
* Deep-rooted weeds such as dandelions may need to be forced out with the aid of a trowel or a narrow-bladed shovel, forcing it into the ground alongside the weed's taproot. Get a firm grip on the plant's crown with one hand, then pull as you gingerly lever the plant up with a trowel or shovel. Once the large root has torn free from the smaller ones, the bulk of the root will slide out as the soil drops back in place.
* If there is a colony of small weed plants, pulling them individually may be tedious. Cut them off using a hoe just beneath the soil surface, about a quarter of an inch deep, leaving the severed "plantlets" behind to wither and die. Hoes that can be used for this job includes the collinear hoe, the hula hoe, and the winged weeder. These tools all have sharp bladed that naturally lie parallel to the ground when in use.
* Use a Rototiller to remove overgrown weeds on hard soils.
* If soil is too hard and roots are deep-seated, wet soil with water to soften the soil to make it easier to pull the weeds. It is easier to pull taprooted weeds a day or two after a soaking rain or watering.
* Use boiling or hot water to kill the weeds. Boil a full kettle of water. Pour slowly and carefully, dousing the weeds and the soil immediately surrounding the weeds. Once the weeds die, it is easier to pull them off.
* A flame weeder can be used to kill weeds between rows or hills of seedlings. Pass the flame very lightly over the bed. Avoid overheating to prevent damage to surrounding plants and overheating the soil. After using the flame weeder, the weeds will begin to droop and wither about 24 hours after being flamed and a day after they will be dead. Once they are dead they would be easier to pull.

Types of Weeds

These techniques can be used for a wide range of weeds.

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