Hydroseeding Process

Preparing the Soil

Hydroseeding is a fast and efficient way of covering large areas of soil with grass seed in the shortest possible period of time. Before the process begins, the lawn owner should prepare the space by removing any unwanted weeds before-hand, picking out rocks if desired and performing any desired landscaping in the area. Aerating the soil by punching holes in it is useful, though not necessary. It helps to give the seeds some holes to sink their roots into.

Preparing the Mix

Once the preparations are complete, the lawn owner chooses the grass seed mixture. There are certain types of grass seed that cannot be seeded this way but most can, during the spring, summer or fall months. The grass seed is then mixed with a mulch, which can be chopped up newspaper or other organic elements. A fertilizer is also mixed in along with a green dye that allows the person spreading the seed to easily tell which plots of soil have already been seeded. Water is added to the mix and the seeds are soaked in it before seeding, which helps them to germinate faster than they would with normal seeding processes.

Finishing Up

The entire mix is sprayed over the soil using a hose attached to a powerful blower, which, depending on the size of the area, can be done by a truck with a huge tank. Most hydro-seeding is done by professionals but the homeowner can rent smaller hydro-seed machines to perform the process over smaller plots of land. Once the seeding is done the grass should be watered for three or four weeks to keep the soil moist throughout the seeded area. The grass can be mowed for the first time in three to four weeks but should not be walked on much for two to four months after seeding.

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