How to Make a Flower Vase Arrangement


Making your own flower arrangement is a cost-effective alternative and just as beautiful as buying a bunch of flowers at the store. Select flowers with healthy-looking blooms and leaves. Keep your arrangement neat and organized by using one to three colors. Never use dried leaves or twigs in your arrangement since they will rot under the surface of the water.

Step 1

Soak your floral foam in water if you desire to use it. Floral foam contains a preservative that helps to keep flowers fresh and hinders bacterial growth.

Step 2

Remove all leaves from the flower stems and greenery that will end up under water, and cut all the stems of your flowers and greenery at a 45-degree angle with a sharp knife.

Step 3

Add greenery to the vase first, such as eucalyptus, and allow it to hang over the sides of the vase for visual interest.

Step 4

Add the tallest flower to the center of the vase, such as a long-stemmed rose or gladiola. If using roses, be sure to remove the thorns from the stems using a sharp knife or the edge of scissors. The tallest flower should be twice as long as the length of your vase.

Step 5

Cut the next layer of the same flowers about two inches shorter than the tallest and place evenly around the center flower. Do this again for the next layer and any additional layers of flowers, each layer about two inches shorter than the previous.

Step 6

Add additional flowers to fill up the spaces, such as lilies or babies breath, distributing the flowers and colors evenly. You can use more than one type of flower to add variety to your arrangement. Make sure all the blooms have space around them to avoid crushing the petals.

Things You'll Need

  • Floral foam, if desired
  • Flowers
  • Eucalyptus or ferns
  • Water
  • Vase
  • Sharp knife


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