The Best Selling Flowers

There are many favorites among gift givers when it comes to plants and flowers. According to the Flower Expert, best-selling flowers worldwide are the rose, mum, tulip, lily, carnation, gerber daisy, freesia, cymbidium, alstroemeria and gypsophilia.

Knock-out Rose

The knock-out rose, Rosa Radrazz, is the new and hot rose cultivar on the market. It is an easy-to-grow, fast-growing, fragrant shrub. It will grow to 4 feet in height and 3 feet in width, with many tolerances to heat, cold and drought. Flowers bloom all season, and there are several colors to choose from. Plant a knock-out rose in partial shade or full sun in any soil with any moisture. Propagation is denied due to patent issues. It is hardy in USDA hardiness zones of 4 to 9.


The tulip is from the lily family. It is a perennial that is nice for cut flower arrangements or for container gardening. There are many varieties to the tulip that will vary the flower shape, color, leaf size and height. Plant a tulip bulb in neutral, well-drained soil with full sun. Propagate via bulb division. It is hardy in USDA hardiness zones of 4 to 10.

Gerber Daisy

The gerber daisy is from the aster/daisy family. It is an easy-to-grow perennial that is good for cut flowers, indoor use and container gardening. Flowers are in varied colors depending on cultivar and 2½ to 4 inches wide. Leaves are coarse and 8 to 10 inches long. Plant a gerber daisy in well-drained soil, loamy or sandy, with full sun. Propagate via seed or clump division. It is hardy in USDA hardiness zones of 9 to 11.


The parrotlily is from the amaryllis family. It is a hummingbird-attracting, drought-tolerant perennial. Stalks are 8 to 12 inches tall at first, and then mature to 18 to 30 inches tall. Red flowers are in clusters and appear in the summer. Leaves are pale green. Plant a parrotlily in acidic soil in full sun. Propagate via seed. It is hardy in USDA hardiness zones of 7 to 10.

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