American Made Garden Tools

The gardening experience can be even more rewarding when you know where your garden tools have come from and how they are made. Made in America gardening tools are usually not sold in the average chain hardware or supply store, but with some effort you can find shovels and cultivators, hoses, gloves and carts made in the USA by American labor at facilities that follow American environmental and occupational safety standards.

Shovels and Hand Tools

It is hard to find a full range of hand tools made in America, although several small manufacturers exist that make a single specialty product, such as Rogue brand hoes made from recycled agricultural equipment disc blades. In 1994, QPI Tools opened in Steubenville Ohio, using state of the art technology to produce the Bully Tools line of shovels, cultivators, aerators, and other long-handled and short-handled garden tools. Their unique, useful American-made products include a mud shovel with "USA" shaped drainage holes, a narrow, coal-scoop shaped trenching shovel, and a mulch shovel that bridges the gap between a flimsy snow shovel and a heavy garden spade.

Hoses and Gloves

Good quality hoses are an indispensable tool for every garden. The Swan Hose Company has been manufacturing rubber products in Bucyrus, Ohio since 1927. In addition to providing valuable manufacturing employment opportunities, their hoses contain significant portions of recycled rubber. The company's website and help-line provide valuable information about which hoses to use for different purposes. Hard-working gloves are also a gardening necessity. Schaefer's American-made elkskin, goatskin, or buckskin gloves come in an array of sizes and cuts to fit most any hands, and work for coiling hoses or digging shrubbery as well as for roping calves on the ranch.

Garden Carts

American ingenuity has improved on the tipsy design of the wheelbarrow with the sturdy, stable, Original Garden Cart made in a small town in Vermont's remote Northeast Kingdom. With bicycle-sized wheels for easy rolling, and a front panel that lifts to dump out loads or carry long boards and brush, the Garden Cart is available in a number of sizes as well as in a specially-designed model for hauling firewood. Top your Garden Cart or a standard wheelbarrow with an Original Wheelbarrow Screener. A sideline of Evely Solar Products, wheelbarrow and bucket screeners let you turn your cart or a 5-gallon bucket into a sifter for compost, topsoil, or potting soil.

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