The Benefits of Fruits & Vegetables

Gardening is relaxing and improves the look of your property, but there is another important reason to plant fruits and vegetables. You will never have a completely healthy diet without a large variety of veggies and fruit. As a gardener, you can grow fruits and vegetables yourself. Everyone needs them every day for a variety of reasons and benefits.

Vitamins and Minerals

Vegetables and fruits contain a number of vitamins and minerals that may protect you from chronic diseases. Many of these vitamins are only found in vegetable products, so your body needs them to stay healthy. Different substances are housed in different colors of foods, so eat a variety of colors of veggies and fruits to get the greatest health benefits.

Help in Weight Loss

When you add fruits and vegetables to your diet and remove more fattening food, you will be just as full, not feel deprived and will consume less calories. This will help you to lose weight. The more veggies and fruit you eat instead of other foods, the more weight you will lose in general.


The American diet has snacking as a very important component. Snacks don't have to be sugary or salty unhealthy foods, though. Some of the easiest snacks to make, and some of the most portable, are made of fruits and vegetables. Vegetable sticks and ranch dip, salsa, baby carrots and whole fruits are all tasty and healthy snacks any time of day.


Many Americans could benefit from more fiber in their diet. Fiber is a good way to improve digestion and reduce the risk of such diseases as diabetes and heart disease. One of the easiest ways to increase the amount of fiber in your diet is to add fruits and vegetables to every meal and snack that you eat.

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