Jewel Orchid Care


Jewel Orchids (Ludisia discolor or Haemaria discolor) originated in Indonesia and Burma. They are easy-to-care-for tropical plants. They are seen as houseplants offered in stores around Easter time. They are grown primarily for their foliage and not their flowers. The foliage is a bright green with red and gold veins running through the leaves. They do flower, and the blooms are white with long yellow columns that last two to three weeks.

Step 1

Fill flower pot with potting soil. Plant the jewel orchid in deep enough to cover the crown with soil. This will vary depending on the size of the plant you purchased. Most plants require a planting depth of at least 4 inches.

Step 2

Place the flower pot in a warm, shady spot. These plants do not grow well in direct sunlight. They do very well in bathrooms and kitchens where the humidity is higher than the rest of the house. Do not place where there is a draft from a door, window or air vent.

Step 3

Water these plants at least once per week. Do not allow the soil to become dry. Fertilize sparingly; use a diluted plant fertilizer once per month.

Things You'll Need

  • Potting soil
  • Flower pot
  • Jewel orchid
  • Fertilizer


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