How to Plant Spruce Pine Seeds


The pine tree, Pinus glabra, is commonly called spruce pine or cedar pine because the bluish-green needles resemble those of spruce trees or cedar trees. Spruce pines grow 80 to 90 feet tall with an irregular canopy of needles. New growth is light green, which stands out against the older needles. Spruce pines grow in wet areas along rivers or swamps. They tolerate poorly drained soil and shade. The small prickly cones contain winged seeds. Harvest the seeds in fall and store them in an airtight container at 35 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit until you are ready to plant them. You should start the seeds 30 to 50 days before the predicted date of the last frost.

Step 1

Soak spruce pine seeds in a bowl of room temperature water for 48 hours. Change the water after 24 hours.

Step 2

Put some moist sand in a plastic bag. Add the seeds to the sand and close the bag loosely. Store the seeds in the bag at 35 to 40 degrees for 30 to 50 days. Do not let the seeds dry out or they will revert to the dormant stage.

Step 3

Fill a 1-gallon pot to within three inches of the rim with well-draining acid soil. Lay five or six seeds on the surface of the soil. Cover the seeds with a ½-inch layer of peat moss.

Step 4

Place the pot in a partially shaded location. Water the soil thoroughly with a watering can or water hose. Keep the seeds moist until they germinate, usually in 20 to 30 days.

Step 5

Reduce watering to an as-needed basis; water whenever the root zone is dry.

Step 6

Choose the strongest seedling when the plants are two inches tall. Remove the other seedlings.

Step 7

Continue watering the remaining seedling regularly until it is six to twelve inches tall--for two to three years. Plant the seedling in moist to wet soil in the spring or fall.

Things You'll Need

  • Bowl of water
  • Sand
  • Plastic bag
  • 1-gallon pot
  • Potting soil
  • Watering can or water hose


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