Apple Trees That Bear in June

The apple is one of the most widely cultivated fruits, ranging in color from deep red to bright yellow, and in flavor from tart to very sweet. There are thousands of apple varieties in the world, but most tend to bear their fruit in the fall or winter. If you prefer an earlier crop, however, there are cultivars that can be harvested in June.

Dorsett Golden

The Dorsett Golden is a yellow, all-purpose variety. It grows well in warm southern and coastal areas. Its parent tree is the Golden Delicious, and it is known for its crisp, sweet flesh.


The Anna originated in Israel. It is a yellow apple with a red blush, and it is known for its sweet flavor. The trees are noted for their heavy production, and they should be planted with the Dorsett Golden for pollination.

Jersey Mac

The Jersey Mac, or Jerseymac, is comparable to a McIntosh, but it ripens earlier. It is red, aromatic and medium sized. The flesh texture is firm and juicy.

Yellow Transparent

Yellow Transparent is also called the Grand Sultan, White Transparent and Russian Transparent. Originally grown in Russia, it was first cultivated in the United States in 1870. The apple is medium size, smooth and round, with pale yellow skin. The flesh is white, crisp and has an acid flavor.

Yellow Juneating

Yellow Juneating, also known as Early Harvest or July Pippin, is a pale yellow apple. It has thin skin and tender flesh, making it more of a home orchard fruit than one meant for mass production. It has juicy, white flesh. The tree is vigorous and fairly resistant to disease.

Carolina Red June

The Carolina Red June (also known as Red June) can be traced back to the mid-1800s. It is a small, deep-red over yellow apple. Its white flesh has a red tint. The tree occasionally fruits a second time, providing a light fall harvest.

Red Astrachan

The Red Astrachan was introduced to the United States in 1835, having come originally from Russia. It is medium sized, with crimson skin and tart flesh. It produces a large crop every other year.

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