Privacy Landscaping Ideas

Whether you live in a busy suburb or along a noisy roadway, many options exist for obtaining the perfect privacy fence. Create privacy with evergreen plants, flowering bushes, fences or a combination of each item. Your privacy fence should complement your overall landscape design and type of home, and be region-specific.


Build a fence if you want immediate privacy for your landscape. Fencing can be expensive and hard for the average homeowner; however, it can be completed by a fencing company in a short amount of time. Both wood or vinyl fencing are good for creating privacy. The majority of wood or vinyl privacy fences are at least 6 feet high.

Leyland Cypress Tree

Choose the most popular fast-growing Leyland Cypress tree as an evergreen tree for privacy fencing. With a growth rate of 3-4 feet a year the Leyland Cypress tree quickly provides a natural privacy fence. Leyland Cypress trees should be planted 2 to 3 feet apart and will grow together over the first year.

Thuja Green Giant Evergreen Tree

Choose the second most common evergreen tree for your privacy landscaping--the Thuja Green Giant Evergreen, which grows 3-5 feet a year and gives off a pleasant scent. Plant these at least 2 feet apart for maximum coverage over time.


Planting boxwood hedges as a privacy fence is a good choice if you have the time to wait for your hedge to grow. This slow-growing evergreen is the classic hedge plant and can provide privacy over many years; however, it isn't a great choice if you are looking for immediate privacy. The slow-growing boxwood plants should be planted close together and only be about 1 foot apart at planting.

Flowering Lilac Bush

Plant the flowering lilac as a privacy fence is a beautiful and aromatic choice. The lilac bush will reach 8-10 feet in its lifespan and provide blooms every spring. The lilac is a good choice because it is cold resistant and does well in zones three through seven. Lilac bushes are sparse for the first three years and can be planted less than 12 inches apart; if necessary, you can thin the bushes in years to come.

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