How to Make a Flower Arrangement in a Tower Vase


A tower vase is a cylindrical shaped, long and narrow vase, typically ranging in height from 12 inches to 34 inches. These are available in a myriad of colors and in clear or frosted glass. A beautiful flower arrangement placed in a tower vase creates the perfect accent piece for a center table at a party or reception. They allow guests sitting across from one another to communicate and see each other easily since the flowers are displayed above their head-level.

Step 1

Select a tower vase for your arrangement. It can be clear, frosted, colored or patterned. Keep the theme of the occasion in mind to make the appropriate selection, and make sure it complements the surroundings, design-wise. Add water to the vase until it is two-thirds full.

Step 2

Purchase long stemmed flowers for your arrangement, such as roses, orchids, calla lilies or other seasonal flowers. They can be the same color or a blend of colors for an appealing arrangement. You can also use silk flowers if you do not have access to real ones.

Step 3

Determine the shape of the final arrangement. You can have flowers in the tower vase without adding any greenery, or add greenery to help frame the arrangement. Also decide whether you want all the flowers to have the same stem height, or varying heights for added appeal.

Step 4

Hold a flower just behind the tower vase. Make sure the ends are at the same level and determine the appropriate stem height. Trim excess stem off with a sharp pair of scissors. Keep eight stems tall, and trim the rest of them so they have varying heights. Also strip any foliage and thorns from the portion of the stems that will be immersed in water.

Step 5

Place the taller flowers into the tower vase first, arranging them so the blooms do not touch each other. Add the shorter stemmed flowers around the taller ones, one by one. Remove one or two flowers if the arrangement appears too tight or the blooms are cramped. Add foliage stems around the arrangement, or insert a few stems in between the flowers to add a bit of contrasting color. Make sure any cascading foliage is added to the front and sides, not the center.

Things You'll Need

  • Tower vase
  • Water
  • Long stemmed flowers (12)
  • Stems of ferns, leaves or baby's breath (2)
  • Sharp scissors
  • Decorative ribbon


  • Tower Vase Arrangements
  • Stunning Tall Centerpieces
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