The Best Summer Wreaths

Summer wreaths are all about showcasing plants currently growing in the garden. With summer's bounty you can fashion wreaths out of nearly any plant material that has small to medium leaves and flowers. Try using small branches of flowering shrubs with interesting leaves or even small branches of deciduous trees as a base for your wreath. Use this frame to showcase flowers or fragrant herbs to adorn your door with the bounty of the growing season.

Fresh Herbs

Although you can use a variety of herbs to make a wreath, make a big impact with a wreath made of a single variety of herb as its base. Tuck in flowers or herbs with contrasting foliage as accents. Tie the main wreath material in bundles and attach to a wire or straw wreath frame. Attach the accent plant materials individually or in small bundles.

Fresh Flowers

Use small to medium flowers or flower clusters and small to medium, non-fleshy leaves. Do not use large flat leaves or flowers with large open petals because they will wilt and collapse under their own weight. For a fresh flower wreath, use a wreath form made of floral oasis and insert the flower stems individually so they can draw up water. For a dried flower wreath, use a straw wreath form and attach the fresh flowers either individually or in small bouquets. Lay the wreath flat while the flowers dry, which should take about 5 to 7 days.


For a rustic country wreath, twine lengths of flexible grapevine into a wreath shape. Insert dried flowers or other botanical materials into the spaces between the wound up grapevine. You can also leave the wreath unadorned except for a decorative ribbon or bow.

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