Games About the Garden

The garden is a place to be enjoyed, not just by the gardener, but by family and friends, as well. The presence of children can make the garden come alive with laughter. Enjoy these games that can be enjoyed about the garden by children both young and old, without risking damage to precious garden plants.


A flat, open area and a croquet set are all that is required for a game of croquet that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. A well-groomed lawn is nice, but not necessary, as clumps of wild grasses can be viewed as obstacles that pose more of a challenge for the players. Croquet is a great game for all ages, because there is a minimal amount of skill involved and older players can assist the little ones.


Horseshoes is a game that can have a permanent setup in the garden. The older players can hone their skills, while little ones can be happy just to give it their best try. No garden gathering is complete without this traditional garden game.

Hide and Seek

Gardens and landscapes that have hills, rock formations, water features, trellises, raised beds, patio walls and other obstacles that can provide hiding spots are great for playing hide and seek. Of course, rules must be established to ensure that cherished plants do not get trampled, so planting beds should be out of bounds, but hide and seek is a game that can utilize the whole garden area.

Fiesta Pinata

No garden party would be complete without a colorful piñata. You can easily make a piñata or you can purchase one, and fill it with candy that will send the kids scrambling when it breaks open. The only other items required are a blindfold and a stick.


A badminton set just requires a place to set up the net. Kids of all ages will have a great time batting the birdie back and forth. There won't be any damage to your precious plants, if the birdie goes astray, so everyone can enjoy a stress free game.

Pick Pocket Tag

Some strips of cloth are all that is needed for this version of an all-time favorite. Place a strip of cloth in each player's back pocket or attach to their waistband, if they don't have pockets. The object is to get the other player's cloth strips without losing your own. The player with the most strips at the end is the winner. As with hide and seek, be sure to establish planting beds as off-limits before the game starts.

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