Simple Garden Landscaping Ideas

Creating an inviting and colorful garden landscape does not require spending days and days of digging and planning. In fact there are many simple ideas and decorative touches you can add around the space to create a backyard retreat filled with color and functionality. Whether you have a small or large garden landscape, a little can go a long way, so have fun and be creative when updating your garden landscape.

Garden Patio

Why not extend your outdoor living space in your garden and create a patio among your flowers and plants. Add simple pavers to a small section of the garden area as the perfect spot to sit and watch your flowers grow. As an extension of your home, a patio is a simple and functional way to create a small outdoor living area among vibrant and sweet smelling blooms. It beckons you out into the landscape and as a spot to rest after gardening and weeding your flower beds. With a few pavers on the ground you can now sit back and relax inside your garden patio.


Tiny annuals like pansies and sedum are an easy way to jazz up a garden space with vibrant colors and textures. Provide annual blooms among the existing garden to change out each season for a fresh new design to your garden landscape. Define a small border in your garden with bright annuals like verbena and violets. Annual flowers dot your landscape and fill in small pockets with their vibrant colors and are a simple way to add color all over your garden landscape with little effort.


Adding a simple garden path through the landscape is an easy way to create a walkway leading to and from the garden space and other areas of your backyard. Garden paths are an ideal way to linger through your garden for an evening stroll. Use a simple layer of crushed rock or mulch to create the garden path. Lay the path anywhere in your garden landscape like at the entry to a patio or backyard pergola. Add a border of vibrant flowers along the path for an added design element and one that will help define the space with little effort.

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