Wrought Iron Garden Ideas

Wrought iron continues to be a long-lasting and durable material to use outside and in the garden. With its ability to withstand the elements while providing a chic look to the outdoor space, wrought iron is forged into a wide range of different furniture pieces as well as outside accessories. Be creative and add decorative pieces around the garden for an element of surprise within the outdoor landscape.

Patio Set

Wrought iron patio sets are the perfect type of set to use in your garden area for outdoor dining and relaxing. Wrought iron is not only weather-resistant and sturdy, but the overall design is simple and chic. Situate the wrought iron patio set within your perennial garden for a lovely addition to the space and one that will beckon you outdoors to enjoy the garden space. Add a set of outdoor pillows to the wrought iron chairs to add a layer of comfort while sitting outside enjoying your garden. Over time, if the patio set begins to rust, you can easily add a layer of rust-proof paint in the same color, or another color if you wish to change up the palette.


Sturdy and long-lasting, wrought iron trellises are the perfect material to use to support heavier vegetable vines like tomatoes and squash. They provide a strong backdrop for these lovely climbers while adding a design addition to the space. A wrought iron trellis is also a lovely support to use for your favorite climbing vine like moonflowers and trumpet flowers. Stake the trellis within the soil for a secure fit in the ground and begin growing your vines up and over the trellis structure for a lush and elegant design. For added support attach the trellis to an outdoor garden wall or fence.

Plant Stand

Add your favorite flowers inside the garden using wrought iron flower stands. Decorative and ornate, a wrought iron plant stand adds height to the garden space and is the perfect decorative touch around a patio or pergola inside the garden. Grow a large hydrangea bush or coneflower within the plant stand to bring height in to the garden and an unexpected touch to the space. Flank the garden entrance with flower stands for a show-stopping welcome to the space. Use annuals each season to bring new textures and colors to the container. Add draping plants like sedum or thyme to flow over the stand for a stunning cascading design to the space.

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