How to Make a Sympathy Flower Arrangement


Flowers are not only used for happy occasions, but for sad events such as funerals and burials as well. They represent hope, reduce the general gloom and uplift the mood and spirit of the funeral service. Sympathy flower arrangements are like traditional flower arrangements, only bloom colors are not bright, but generally white or pal yellow, to show respect for the deceased and the family. Making a sympathy flower arrangement for the family of the departed is a nice gesture to show them you share their grief and loss.

How to Make a Sympthy Flower Arrangement

Step 1

Decide whether you want fresh flowers or silk ones. Purchase 10 to 12 long-stemmed white flowers like roses, irises, calla lilies, Asiatic lilies, snapdragons, gladiolas or chrysanthemums. You can also incorporate several stems of the deceased's favorite flower for a personal touch. Also purchase several stems of greenery, such as baby's breath, myrtle or ferns that will act as fillers and frame the arrangement.

Step 2

Purchase a long glass vase and fill it with water till it is two-thirds full.

Step 3

Decide what you want the final arrangement to look like, so you can cut stem lengths accordingly. Your flowers can be equal in height, or of varying heights for increased visual appeal and interest. Aim for a well rounded arrangement, with the central flowers higher than the surrounding ones. To determine the desired height of the flowers, hold a stem just behind the vase, keeping it in level with the base and check how much to trim.

Step 4

Add five or six central tall flowers into the vase first, spreading them out so the blooms do not touch one another, but are spaced apart so they stand out. Step back to review the arrangement, and relocate any flower if necessary. Trim stem length of the remaining flowers so they are shorter than the central flowers, and add them around the taller ones, spacing them evenly.

Step 5

Add stems of foliage such as baby's breath or ferns all around the flowers to create visual interest and provide the flowers a rich background so they stand out.

Step 6

Tie a wide ribbon around the vase, blue if the deceased was a man and pink for a woman, and knot it in a neat bow. Insert a pearl-topped corsage pin between the bow so it does not unravel.

Things You'll Need

  • Long-stemmed lilies, roses, gladiolas, snapdragons, 10 to 12
  • Greenery stems
  • Clear glass vase
  • Water
  • Scissors
  • Wide ribbon
  • Pearl-topped corsage pin


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