How to Find a Professional Landscaper


Designing and maintaining your yard and garden can be too big of a project for you to tend to yourself. This is when a good professional landscaper is well worth your time and money. A professional landscaper is knowledgeable in all facets of landscaping needs. Finding a landscaper for your property should not be difficult, but you should take your time and not hire the first landscaper you find. By asking questions and doing research, you can find the right landscaper for your needs and lifestyle.

Step 1

Go to nurseries and garden houses and ask sales people there about who they would recommend in your area. Professional landscapers have business relationships with nurseries, and customers also provide feedback to personnel.

Step 2

Ask for referrals from previous or current customers. You know when you're happy with a contractor, you don't mind telling others. The same is true of potential landscapers; they should provide you with at least three referrals.

Step 3

Check the certifications and licensing of the professional landscaper. The federal government requires landscapers that apply pesticides to have a certified pest applicators license. As well as checking their certifications, check their insurance coverage. You don't want someone working on your property who has no insurance. Insurance protects both you and the landscaper in the event of an accident or damage to your property.

Step 4

Read gardening and landscaping books to educate yourself on design and procedure. A knowledgeable customer is a customer that manages to keep money in their pocket. In addition this will also help you "team up" with your landscaper so that the end result is a design you want.

Step 5

Get a contract and have everything in writing. Do not rely on word of mouth and a handshake. In a perfect world this would be acceptable, but to protect your property and your wallet, it is a must to have everything in writing. When changes in design or procedures occur, create an addendum to the original contract with both you and your landscapers' signatures.

Step 6

Ask questions no matter how small you may think they are. Any question that you have regarding procedure or design should be answered by potential landscapers to your satisfaction.

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