Types of Trowels

A trowel is a small hand tool used to plant bulbs and plants and to dig weeds. A trowel with a narrow blade is better for weeding and digging holes for bulbs, while a trowel with a wide blade is better for digging holes for plants. The blades of some trowels are marked with a measurement gauge to indicate soil depth when planting. A trowel should be constructed of sturdy material that will not bend, and the handle should be attached securely to the blade. You should be able to grasp the handle comfortably and rest your thumb on the thumb rest on top of the handle while working to avoid wrist and hand strain.

Good Grips Gel-E Garden Trowel

OXO manufactures a line of Good Grips garden tools that are comfortable to hold and easy to use. The Gel-E Garden Trowel has a nonslip handle with gel material to provide flexibility for minimal wrist strain. The blade is made of durable stainless steel with easy-to-read measurement marks. The edges of the blade are serrated for cutting roots.

Natural Radius Grip Trowel

Radius Garden makes the Natural Radius Grip Trowel with an ergonomically designed handle that minimizes hand and wrist stress. The Santoprene thermoplastic handle is curved to fit comfortably in your palm and will not slip while wet or dry. The ultralight aluminum-magnesium blade has beveled edges for easier digging.

Garden Pro Trowel

The Rumford Gardener constructs the Garden Pro Trowel from a single piece of polished die-cast aluminum. The nonslip handles are ergonomically designed for comfort. The trowel has a lifetime warranty.

deep digger Garden Trowel

The blade of the deep digger Garden Trowel is constructed of welded steel and tapered for easier digging. You can choose a 6-, 7- or 8-inch blade in three different colors. The trowel has a solid aluminum handle or a hard maple handle with a tubular inset for strength. The deep digger Garden Trowel is available from garden-trowel.com.

Cutco Trowels

Cutco garden and transplanting trowels are guaranteed forever. The garden trowel has a wide blade with a semisharp tip for easier digging, while the transplanting trowel has a narrower blade for tight spaces. Both are marked with a measuring gauge. The National Home Gardening Club awarded its "Seal of Approval" to the Cutco gardening trowel.

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