Recycled Garden Ideas

Look around your home for simple items that can be reused inside your garden for decorative and functional purposes in the outdoor space. Recycling these old materials not only prevents another batch of items from being deposited in the landfill but also keeps your gardening budget low by reusing items you already own. Don't be afraid to experiment with old items that would otherwise be thrown away, and have fun putting these materials to good use.

Glass Garden

A fun way to reuse your old soda bottles is by planting a bottle fence. This easy garden fence provides a whimsical and unexpected touch to the garden space. Start by placing the bottles upside down and into the soil. Press firmly onto each bottle so that the neck is buried into the ground and the bottom is above the soil; this is the fence line to the garden bed. Space the bottles out as close or far apart as you like; a typical spacing is around two to three inches apart. Bury the recycled bottles as a garden border or inside a perennial garden as an unexpected touch to the space. Line a garden path mixed with different bottle shades for a vibrant and budget-friendly design.

Milk Jug

Recycle your old milk jugs to use as mulch scoopers or for covering young seedlings to protect them from frost. Simply cut the bottom of the milk jug at a 45-degree angle. Keep the top on the container to prevent soil from shooting out the pouring end. You now have a scoop that can be used for spreading mulch around the garden or for adding dirt to your garden pots. Old milk jugs can also be reused to cover your young plants. Cut the bottom of the milk jug off and keep the top part, with the lid, to use to cover young seedlings. Cover the young shoots the night before an expected frost to prevent damage to the young tendrils.

Window Trellis

Old windows can be turned into a makeshift trellis. Being by removing the old glass inside the pane to free up surface area for sprawling plants. Next, bury the window so that it's positioned upright and one quarter of the way into the soil. Press firmly into the soil to ensure a snug fit into the ground. The window now has the ability to support your favorite flowering vines and vegetables. Plant creeping plants at the base of the window to crawl up and over the space for a sturdy and interesting support to the garden. In the winter months, add a string of decorative lights to the window for a glowing touch to the garden.

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