List of Antique Roses

Antique roses are defined as those that were introduced into cultivation before 1867 and since is a wide variety of roses that fit this description, they have been organized into groups. The plants within each group share a similar ancestry and have similar characteristics. In general, antique roses are less demanding than modern hybrids, needing less fertilizer, pesticides and water, though, of course, individual varieties vary.


Roses found by explorers in China brought both yellow color and repeat blooming to Europe. Some of the varieties are "Old Blush," "Mutabilis," and "Martha Gonzales."


These are elegant, fragrant roses first hybridized in the United States. They are well adapted to the warmth and mild winters of the Southeast. Varieties include "Lamarque," "Madame Alfred Carriere," and "Crepuscule."


These roses are low growing, cold hardy, disease resistant and ever-blooming. "The Fairy" and "Cecile Bruner" are two of the most popular, planted frequently to this today.


These are excellent landscape roses, disease resistant, richly colored and fragrant. They include "Buff Beauty," "Cornelia" and "Penelope."

Hybrid Perpetuals

Large flowers, fragrance and excellent cold hardiness are characteristic of these roses. "Marchesa Boccella," "Baronne Prevost," and "Reine de Violettes" are some varieties still grown, though, unfortunately, they bloom mainly in early summer.


These are intensely fragrant roses, usually in shades of pastel pink, that flower repeatedly throughout the summer if kept moist. '"Souvenir de la Malmaison" and "Zephirine Drouhin" are two of the most popular varieties.


These roses tend to be tall and narrow, with a fragrance somewhat like tea leaves. They include "Sombreuil," "Mrs. Dudley Cross," and "Monsieur Tillier."


In the Species rose division, you will find the popular "Yellow Lady Banks," "Cherokee" and "Mermaid."

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