How to Edge for a Planting Bed


Edging around a garden or flower bed not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but it will help keep your garden free of grass and weeds. Your garden will look clean and sharp with a nice edge, and only requires minimal manual labor annually. Invest in a simple half-moon edging tool or square spade to create the edge, and maintain annually in the spring.

Step 1

Remove any grass and weeds, including the roots, from your garden or flower bed using your hands or a garden hoe.

Step 2

Lay your garden hose or rope on the ground around your garden to draw the outline of the bed. Be sure the hose or rope is laid out in the grassy area outside of the bed so it will create a sharp line where your lawn meets the garden. Have fun with the layout by creating curvy lines, or just make a simple, straight edge if you prefer.

Step 3

Dig straight into the ground about six inches using your edging tool or square spade, starting at one end of the garden hose or rope, and continuously cutting along to the end of the outline. These vertical cuts will create the sharp edge around your garden.

Step 4

Step inside the garden. Starting at one end, begin undercutting from inside the garden toward the vertical cuts at a 45-degree angle, beginning the cut four inches away from the edge. Make sure the cuts are seamless so the soil will remove easily.

Step 5

Remove the chunks of soil and grass from the cuts you created with your spade or edging tool along the entire edge of your garden bed. Reinstate the good soil back into your garden if you'd like; just be sure it is free of grass and weeds. Once you have finished removing the chunks of soil around your newly cut edge, keep the grass along your newly edged garden looking nice by trimming by hand.

Things You'll Need

  • Half-moon edging tool, or
  • Square spade
  • Garden hose or rope
  • Garden hoe


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