Miltonia Orchid Care


Miltonia orchids, or pansy orchids as they are commonly known, are a species of epiphytic orchids native to South America. The flowers are relatively flat and two dimensional when compared to other orchid flowers, and the colors, markings and petal arrangement resemble large pansy blooms. Miltonia orchids prefer relatively cool ambient temperatures and bright light conditions and are not considered to be heavy water users in comparison to other orchid species.

Step 1

Select a growing location for your miltonia that will provide bright indirect light or well-filtered direct sunlight for a minimum of eight hours each day. Sunlight is key for healthy miltonia bloom cycles.

Step 2

Provide consistent ambient temperatures for your miltonia orchid that hover between 60 and 75 degrees F during the day and between 50 and 55 degrees F overnight.

Step 3

Water your rmiltonia orchid plant once every five days or so allowing the bark to dry out slightly between watering sessions. Run the pot under a tepid water tap until the planting medium and roots are drenched and allow all of the excess water to drain away. Increase watering frequency in the summer to every three days or so and decrease from the norm in winter to prevent root rot.

Step 4

Feed your miltonia once per month with a water-soluble orchid food formulation with a guaranteed analysis of 30-10-10. Dilute the fertilizer in water according to label directions but cut the dose of orchid food by half using the full amount of water. Always err on the side of under not overfertilizing.

Step 5

Give your miltonia orchids plenty of fresh and moving air by running a small fan in the room where the plants grow or keeping a window cracked in all but the coldest months. Do not set the fan to blow directly onto the orchid as this can dehydrate the plant, and refrain from placing miltonia anywhere near heating or air-conditioning outflow vents.

Step 6

Re-pot your miltonia orchid every other year with fresh, coarse orchid medium designed for epiphytic orchids. Increase the pot diameter by an inch or two every two to four years when the roots begin to grow up and out of the pot.

Things You'll Need

  • Water
  • Coarse orchid bark
  • Water-soluble orchid food,30-10-10
  • Small fan
  • Orchid pot


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