Lawn Fungus Treatment


Controlling and treating fungus in your lawn and garden is essential--rapidly growing fungus can quickly drain nutrients from the soil surrounding plants and flowers. The three main fungi found in lawns are brown spot, dollar spot and fairy ring. Fungus is often caused by lawns that have too much fertilizer in the soil. Treatment of lawn fungus employs a fungicide, a liquid solution available at any home and garden center. Treating lawn fungus is a simple process that does not involve specialized gardening skills, but sensitive or allergy-prone individuals should protect themselves by wearing a gardening mask and gloves.

Step 1

Add 1 cup of water to an empty, clean bottle with a spray attachment.

Step 2

Mix in 1 cup of fungicide (available at any home and garden center).

Step 3

From a distance of 8 inches, spray the area where you have noticed fungus growing in your yard. Be sure to thoroughly saturate the affected area with the fungus control.

Step 4

Leave to dry, do not rinse off. Fungus control will take days to work properly, so it is important you keep pets and children away from the area where you have sprayed.

Step 5

Check the sprayed area seven days after applying the solution. If fungus has not completely disappeared, you may reapply solution until fungus has been fully treated.

Things You'll Need

  • Gardening gloves (and mask)
  • Fungicide (such as Scott's Fungus Control or Monterey Fungi-Fighter)
  • Spray bottle
  • Water


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