How to Propagate Glossy Abelia


Glossy abelia is a flowering shrub that will bloom almost continually from mid-spring to autumn. The blooms are not overpowering on the shrub, but rather, just plentiful enough to make this old-fashioned shrub a beautiful addition to any sunny landscape. Over time, the glossy abelia will grow into a sizable shrub and it may need extensive pruning in the spring to control the growth. Because of the vining tendrils put forth from this shrub, it is an excellent candidate for tip layering propagation. Use this method to propagate the glossy abelia in the spring and the new plants will be ready to grow on their own by the autumn.

Step 1

Select a long, trailing vine in the spring to tip layer the glossy abelia. Find a low vine that you can easily pull down to the soil.

Step 2

Pull the vine down to the soil and use the knife to remove the leaves and stems from the vine at the point where the vine touches the soil. Also, remove any growth for 4 inches on each side of the vine from the point where it reaches the soil.

Step 3

Make a cut in the vine that is approximately 1/2 inch long and 5 inches from the tip of the vine. The cut must be between one quarter to half of the way through the vine and should be at a diagonal. Insert a toothpick into the cut to keep it from closing and healing.

Step 4

Bury the vine at the point of the cut beneath 3 inches of soil. Place the small rocks over the buried vine to hold it beneath the soil and prevent it from popping up from the dirt.

Step 5

Water the soil generously after tip layering the vine. You must keep the soil evenly moist through the entire summer to ensure proper root formation beneath the soil.

Step 6

Watch for indications that roots are forming beneath the soil. When you see new growth from the tip of the stem, this indicates new roots. After you see active growth for several weeks, you can sever the vine from the parent plant and replant it. You can do this in late summer or early autumn or you can also wait until the following spring to separate the new glossy abelia plant.

Things You'll Need

  • Glossy abelia shrub
  • Sharp knife
  • Toothpick
  • Small rocks
  • Pruning shears


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