Gifts for a Male Gardener

If you have a male friend or family member who is into gardening, you are in luck. There are many choices of gifts that will be most appreciated. You can certainly run down to your local garden center and find a bunch of garden tools and accessories. However, putting them together in an attractive manner is what will make the difference for the male gardener in your life.


Ask any gardener, male or female, and they'll tell you that there is no such thing as having too many shovels. It's the main tool needed by any gardener or landscaper. Fill a plastic bread bag with a mixture of vegetable seeds and a pair of heavy garden gloves. You can find the plastic bread bags (they use twist ties) in the grocery store on the same aisle as the plastic sandwich bags and wrap. Set the filled bag of garden goodies into the bottom of the shovel. Scrunch up the top of the bag and tie it to the base of the handle with a piece of raffia or twine. Add a piece of cardstock to the twine with a clever quote, such as "Plant carrots in January and you'll never have to eat carrots."


A hammock is the perfect gift for the male gardener. At some point he has to stop working and enjoy his efforts. Either make sure he has a couple of trees situated close together to hang the hammock or purchase one with a metal frame that can be placed anywhere. Include a pillow made from outdoor fabric to complete the gift. Another option is a hanging hammock chair. It can be found at your local garden center. The hanging chair lounging set (pillows) is usually included.

Bird Feeder

Men who like spending time in the outdoors with their garden generally enjoy the rest of nature. Bird feeders come in many shapes and sizes. Choose one you think he will enjoy and include a bag of bird seed. Birdhouses are an alternative. You can find unique types at farmers' and Saturday markets. Make sure you include a wood pole and hardware or wire for hanging, so he won't have to make an extra trip to the hardware store.

Gift Certificate

You can't go wrong by giving your male gardener friend a gift certificate to his favorite nursery or garden center. But don't just stick the certificate in a card or envelope. Purchase a nice pair of heavy-duty garden gloves. Fold the gift certificate in half (twice), lengthwise, and place it in one of the gloves. Put the two gloves together and then use a gross grain ribbon to wrap around them. Scrunching the glove package in the center, tie a nice bow. The gross grain ribbon will add a masculine touch.

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