How to Make Fresh Flower Arrangements


Floral arrangements made with fresh flowers add a splash of color and fragrance to any home, but purchased flower arrangements can cost a pretty penny and may not be very fresh. Learn how to put together an arrangement worthy of any florist shop and better yet, use fresh flowers straight from your own garden displayed in eye-catching arrangements sure to get rave reviews from all your guests--and save you some money in the process.

Step 1

Use a large cylinder glass vase and set a smaller container inside the vase. The smaller vase should be approximately half the size of the vase so there is about two inches in between the containers.

Step 2

Cut both ends off of a lime, then cut the lime into slices that are approximately 1 inch thick. Repeat this for several more limes and lemons to fill in the glass vase. Cut about three limes and three lemons to begin with, cutting more as needed.

Step 3

Place the cut fruit on the inside of the large vase between it and the smaller container filling in the space completely. Continue filling in the space with the fruit so the cut sides are against the inside glass. If desired you can fill the area with water.

Step 4

Fill the smaller container with water to within 1 inch of the rim. Measure the flowers on the outside of the vase to the right height and cut the stems at an angle so they are able to absorb the water better. Place taller flowers in the middle of the container and place shorter flowers around the outside edges of the arrangement.

Things You'll Need

  • Glass cylinder-shaped vase
  • Smaller container
  • Fresh flowers
  • Limes & lemons


  • Flower Arranging with Fresh Flowers
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