How Can I Kill Moss in My Lawn?


Moss can be a troublesome lawn pest, as it grows rapidly and can easily crowd a lawn or garden and drain essential nutrients from the soil surrounding other plants and flower beds. Controlling moss in your yard is important if you are growing trees, fruit, plants or vegetables, as the moss will cause your plants to become dry. Killing lawn moss is a time-consuming but simple task that does not require advanced gardening skills.

Step 1

Begin by hand-pulling moss from your yard, focusing on the greatest concentration of moss. Always wear your gardening gloves while pulling, and wear a gardener's mask if you are sensitive to plant and weed allergens.

Step 2

Dispose of the moss in a plastic trash bag. Be sure to seal the bag tightly.

Step 3

Pour a cup of water into an empty bottle that has a spray attachment. Add a cup of moss killer (available at any home and garden store). Shake well.

Step 4

Spray the areas where moss has grown in your yard, from a distance of approximately six to eight inches.

Step 5

Leave the moss killer solution to dry and do not rinse it off. Check the area within three to five days to ensure that no new moss has grown in its place. If new moss is detected, then reapply the solution and again leave it to dry.

Things You'll Need

  • Gardening gloves
  • Trash bags
  • Moss killer (such as Rid-Moss, Moss-Out or Moss-Kill)
  • Empty bottle with spray attachment
  • Water


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