How to Prune Ornamental Pear Trees


Ornamental pear trees are non-fruit-bearing trees and popular choices for home lawns and gardens because they require very little maintenance to bloom and grow. They have long-lasting flowers, blooming in late spring through mid-fall. Pruning ornamental pear trees is a time-consuming but very simple process that does not require specialized gardening skills.

Step 1

Place a ladder 6 inches from the area where you wish to begin pruning.

Step 2

Start pruning the section of the tree located at the base of the tree, moving upward as you have finished each section. Do not bother picking up each pruned section; just let it fall to the ground.

Step 3

Move the ladder clockwise to the next section of the tree and repeat pruning, starting with the base of the tree and moving in an upward direction. Allow pruned branches to fall to the ground.

Step 4

Move the ladder a final time until you have made a full circle around the tree, depending on the size of the tree. Prune the same amount on the final side as you have the previous sides, and work your way upward to the top of the tree.

Step 5

Collect the pruned branches and flower buds, and dispose of them into a trash bag or compost bin.

Things You'll Need

  • Gardening gloves
  • Trash bags (or compost bin)
  • Pruning shears
  • Ladder


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