Flower Design Ideas for a Garden

Designing your gardens using cheerful flower blooms adds a vibrant and stunning texture to the space. With their colorful blooms and unusual textures, flowers are the perfect plant to use for contrasting and defining a garden bed or border. Remember, taller blooms are ideal in the back of the bed to create height and short flowers are ideal in the front of the garden beds to use as the garden border.

Colorful Roses

Roses are a stunning flower to add to your garden for bright bursts of color and sweet fragrance to the garden space. To create a playful design inside the garden, plant the rose bushes on either sides of a garden arbor entrance for an inviting and stunning design. Use them along a garden wall or fence for a stunning border of showy blooms. Make sure you plant these beauties in full sun so they'll flourish over time. For a low-maintenance rose and one that does not need to be fertilized, try the chestnut rose. Their large and lovely blossoms are bright pink and begin their blooming show in the spring and into the summer months. This rose is also ideal in your garden because it's a very long-lasting variety, where some live for a century.


Wildflowers are the perfect flowers to use for a long-lasting design to the garden space. With their ability to grow in almost any environment with little care, these flowers are carefree plants to add to your garden. A lovely wildflower is the coneflower. With its gorgeous purplish pink blooms, the coneflower grows into a mound shape and adds height to the existing garden. Use these flowers along the sides of a perennial garden border to help define the edge and create height to the space. Another lovely wildflower is the blanket flower. With its bright orange and yellow tipped petals, these gorgeous bloomers look especially lovely alone or paired with another plant for an unexpected burst of bright color.

Ground Covers

Add low-maintenance ground covers around the garden for a vibrant and colorful design to the space. Plant bright yellow ice plants to the front of the garden beds to add their bright yellow blooms and green foliage to the space. Blue star creeper, another lovely ground cover, is an excellent spreading flower and has tiny bright blue blooms that look lovely growing along the edges of a stone path or garden walk. Creeping sedum, a lime green ground cover, is an excellent spreader and will add a burst of color to any spot in your garden.

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