Mower Deck Cleaning


Lawn mower maintenance focuses on tune-ups, oil changes and belt replacement; however, cleaning your mower deck is a very important part of regular maintenance. Grass and other debris build up beneath your mower deck. This buildup can damage blades, prevent even cuts and cause damage to pulleys and other parts of the mower deck and mower itself. Mowing wet grass will increase the amount of debris that builds up underneath your mower deck. Clean your mower deck after each use, more frequently when mowing wet grass.

Step 1

Park your lawn mower on a flat, hard surface. Turn the engine off and remove the key. Place the park brake on and lift the deck adjust to its highest level. Make sure that the blades have stopped spinning before continuing.

Step 2

Place cinder blocks under the frame of the mower in all four corners to lift it up off the ground. Spray the bottom of the mower deck with the vegetable oil cooking spray (Pam or store brand).

Step 3

Scrape clumps of grass and debris from the bottom of the mower deck. Use a 1-inch putty knife to scrape.

Step 4

Place clumps in a large trash bags. Organic matter that has vegetable oil in it cannot be composted and is not healthy for your yard. Dispose of the bag in the trash.

Tips and Warnings

  • Wear goggles and work gloves to prevent injuries.

Things You'll Need

  • 4 cinder blocks
  • Vegetable-based cooking spray
  • 1-inch putty knife
  • Large trash bag


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