Top 10 Daylilies

Daylilies belong to the genus group Hemerocallis. Daylilies are popular perennial flowers that encompass a variety of growing requirements. Blossoms come in a range of colors in yellow, orange, red, pink, purple or cream. Blooms can start as early as March or as late as mid-May. Most daylilies bloom for 4 to 7 weeks, though some blossom for longer periods. Do not select daylily varieties to grow by their popularity. Select them according to their growing requirements.


Skinwalker daylilies produce large 8 1/2 inch blooms that are tinted with lavender. It grows 32 inches tall and needs a cold dormant period in order to blossom each year. This spider daylily blooms at night.

Lavender Blue Baby

Lavender Blue Baby blossoms with 5 1/2 inch flowers and grows 28 inches tall. This daylily's flower is lavender blue with a yellow center and blooms repeatedly throughout the growing season. It requires a cold rest period in order to bloom.

Ed Brown

Ed Brown daylilies grow 5 1/2 inch flowers that are pale ice pink with ruffled petal edges. This repeat bloomer grows 29 inches tall. This daylily is considered a semi-evergreen which means that it can grow year-round as an evergreen in mild climates or go dormant in cold climates.

Moonlit Masquerade

Moonlight Masquerade produces 5 1/2 inch blooms and grows 26 inches tall. This flower has pale cream petals with a wide purple band near the middle of deep green. The petals curve backward. This vigorous grower is considered a semi-evergreen.

Primal Scream

Primal Scream daylilies produce large flowers 7 1/2 inches across. The flowers are yellow and gradating to a hot orange at the edge of the petals. This daylily grows 34 inches tall and needs a winter dormancy period.

Bill Norris

Bill Norris has 5-inch yellow flowers with ruffled edges and petals the curve backwards. This 29-inch daylily repeatedly blooms throughout the growing season and is a semi-evergreen plant.

Elizabeth Salter

Elizabeth Salter daylilies produce 5-inch flowers that have heavily ruffled melon-pink petals. This repeat bloomer grows 26 inches tall. Elizabeth Salter produces a multitude of flowers and is a semi-evergreen.

Custard Candy

Custard Candy has small 4 1/2-inch blossoms. The flowers are cream with a wide maroon band wrapped around a green center. The petals are lightly ruffled at the edges and curving backwards. It grows to 24 inches tall and blooms repeatedly. This daylily needs a cold dormant period in order to bloom in the spring.

Strawberry Candy

Strawberry Candy has 5 1/2-inch blossoms that are pink with a red band around the ruffled edges. This semi-evergreen, 26-inch tall daylily performs well in most conditions.

Always Afternoon

Always Afternoon produces 5 1/2-inch bloom. This daylily has lavender-mauve flowers with a deep purple band around a green center. The petals have ruffled edges. This repeat bloomer grows 22 inches tall and is a semi-evergreen plant.

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