Butterfly Gardens in Italy

Several gardens have been established in Italy to help preserve butterflies native to Italy, as well as those from tropical areas in Asia, Africa and Indonesia. Italian butterfly gardens may also feature nature talks and displays of other animals. Other attractions include paths planted with fragrant plants, mountain trails and picnic areas.

Butterfly House

The Butterfly House is located in Bordano in the Italian province of Udine. Exotic plants from Asian rainforests, African jungles and the Amazon tropics create a natural environment for hundreds of tropical butterflies in a ¼-acre greenhouse. In addition, lush outdoor gardens are home to hundreds more native butterflies. Terrariums and aquariums are scattered around the greenhouse. An exhibition titled "Mimicry" shows how the colors and patterns of butterflies and other animals help them hide. Another exhibition, "Perfumes," is an interactive display of scents found in the plant world.

Monte Serra Park

The tropical plants of Mont Serra Park mimic the tropical rainforest. It is home to butterflies, as well as insects, reptiles and birds from the rainforest. Visitors can watch the butterflies and attend a talk about the butterfly's life cycle. Aromatic plants from the Mediterranean along a trail are marked with common and scientific names (also in Braille). The park is located at the base of Etna, an extinct volcano in the Italian province of Sicily. About 350 stairs are carved in the lava rock leading to the summit of Etna. Other paths travel through the woods on the mountain slope and along the coast. A picnic area and playground are also available.

The House of Butterflies

The House of Butterflies in Montegrotto Terme in the Italian province of Padova, was developed by entomolgist Enzo Moretto. It contains three butterfly gardens -- Afro-Tropical, Amazonian or Neo-Tropical, and Indo-Australian. The butterflies are native to Africa, Indonesia, Tropical Asia and Tropical America. Tens of thousands of visitors pass through the gardens to view butterflies, caterpillars and chrysalides.

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