The Best Tools for Weeding Lawns

Weeding is not a very fun part of gardening, although with the right tools, it can be quicker and easier. When weeding, it is important to pull out the entire root, and with the right tools this is possible. Weeding with tools is safer than using herbicides and there are many effective tools on the market. Try to remove weeds early before they have established a comfortable home in your garden.


A standard gardening tool, the hoe is an effective tool for removing smaller weeds when the soil is moist. You can simply slide the hoe across the surface of the soil, exposing the roots of the smaller weeds, which will eventually dry up and die from surface exposure. Hoes come in both long-handled and short-handled styles and both are equally effective. A short-handled hoe requires time on your knees and bending over. The long-handled hoe can be used while standing. Use a file to maintain a sharp edge.


The CobraHead comes in a long-handled and short-handled version and has a single, narrow hook-shaped blade that grabs weeds without disturbing other plants. It works well on weeds such as purslane, spurge and dandelions by cutting into the ground and pulling the entire weed loose. Weeds that cannot be pulled out in this way can be easily cut off underground by the CobraHead's blade.

Fiskars UpRoot

Fiskars makes a long-handled, stainless-steel weeding tool called the UpRoot Weed & Root Remover that grabs onto the roots of weeds with serrated steel claws. This weeder is lightweight and removes the root without the need to remove the weed from the tool by hand. This tools is great for weeds such as dandelions and thistles.

Flame Weeder

Flame weeders kill weeds with heat, run on propane and are great for spot weeding in hard-to-weed areas such as in pavements, against walls and in rock gardens, with no digging required. They are easy to carry with just a hose and a propane tank; no chemicals are necessary. Simply aim and fire, drying out unwanted weeds. Dandelions may need a second treatment.

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