How to Make Funeral Floral Arrangements


Funeral floral arrangements are made or purchased at the sad demise of someone either close or distant. Although this event is inevitable, flowers add color, hope and subtle beauty at the occasion, reducing the family's pain and comforting them in their time of grief. Although you can purchase funeral flower arrangements for the funeral service, making them will reduce excess costs. Keep in mind that a funeral is a somber occasion and the flowers you use should not be too bright or colorful.

Step 1

Purchase flowers for your arrangement. Visit the family of the deceased to get an idea of his favorite flowers so you can incorporate these in the arrangement, or purchase traditional ones in white, such as roses, carnations, lilies, irises and alstroemerias. You can use a mix of real and artificial ones. Also purchase foliage such as ferns, baby's breath or stems of leaves to add structure and depth to your flower arrangement and give it a fuller look. Place roses, if any, in a bucket of water to prevent them from drying up while you prepare the container.

Step 2

Use a serrated kitchen knife to cut the floral foam to size, so it fits into the flat basket. Also cut smaller pieces that will fit around the edges of the basket, so the entire surface of the container is filled with foam.

Step 3

Place the basket on a flat work table in front of you. Hold a stem of foliage against it to determine its appropriate height, and trim the excess off with a sharp pair of scissors. Gently push the stems into the foam at different angles to create a dramatic look. Insert them in the front of the basket and at the sides. Make sure they point outward from every angle, not just the top, to add visual interest and appeal.

Step 4

Insert four to five long-stemmed flowers in the center of the basket, to the front, to serve as the focal point of the arrangement. Trim stems of four or five other flowers at least 3 inches shorter than the focal flowers and push them into the foam around the central flowers. Continue trimming stems of flowers even shorter before pushing them into the foam. Make sure the front and sides of the basket are covered with flowers of varying heights.

Step 5

Step back to review your flower arrangement and make any adjustments by pulling a flower out gently and relocating it elsewhere on the foam. Cover any gaps or visible areas in the foam with fake moss or crepe paper to give the arrangement a fuller and green look.

Things You'll Need

  • Mixed flowers, such as roses, carnations, lilies and irises
  • Stems of foliage
  • Floral foam
  • Serrated knife
  • Large, flat basket
  • Sharp scissors
  • Crepe paper or fake moss


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