Materials List for a Garden Shed

A garden shed is a crucial part of every garden. It is where the gardener finds all the tools that allow the garden to create the garden and landscape that they have always dreamed of. In order to create that outdoor paradise, there are certain basic tools that are absolute necessities in every garden shed.

Gardening Spade

A gardening spade is perhaps the most common hand tool used for cultivation and digging holes. Designed to break up (or spade) soil, it has a pointed blade and is made to be pushed into the soil with your foot.

D-Handle Spade

Shorter than a gardening spade, with a narrow, flat blade that cuts through soil easily and is good for digging in the tight spaces of established beds. The handle end is shaped like the letter D, which offers better leverage. The flat, thin blade cuts through soil easily, allowing you to dig at a uniform depth. It is also good for straight edging work, making neat corners and dividing clumps of perennials.

D-Handle Spading Fork

The D-handle spading fork has a forged head with four thin, round tines. It is used to loosen soil, cultivate and aerate, mix in soil amendments, lift refuse from wheelbarrow to compost pile, and dig potatoes. This is just a good all-around garden tool.

Cultivating Fork

A cultivating fork is similar to a hoe, but with tines rather than a single blade. It chops out weeds and breaks up and loosens compact surface soil.

Straight Head Rake

The straight head rake is a finishing tool. It is used to smooth the surface and break up remaining clumps of soil.

Hand Trowel

A curved, pointed blade makes the hand trowel ideal for digging in tight spaces and making small holes. It is also excellent for repotting house plants and planting bulbs.

Pruning Shears

Scissor-style pruners with a curved blade are indispensable for garden and landscape tasks such as taking cuttings and pruning bushes and unsightly perennials.

Garden Hose

A good rubber garden hose is a necessity in every garden. Once the plants are in the ground, they must be irrigated and the garden hose is the easiest method of delivering it. It should be long enough to reach the whole garden in order to ensure adequate irrigation of all plants.

Adjustable Hose Nozzle

An adjustable nozzle for your garden hose is necessary to control the flow of the water and assure that it flows at the proper rate for the job at hand.

Weed Trimmer

Although they are available in both electric and gas models, the electric models are limited by cord length and extension cords are cumbersome. Unless you have a weed free yard, a weed trimmer is a necessity.


Every gardener knows that a wheelbarrow is a gardening staple, good for hauling heavy loads of soil for new beds, refuse to the compost pile, and building materials for gardening construction.

Gadening Gloves

A good pair of gardening gloves will save you from the many blisters, stickers and splinters that are a natural part of gardening.

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