Backyard Pergola Ideas

A backyard pergola is like a private oasis to use all year round. It's a retreat to use at the end of long day at work or as a spot to relax in with a cup of coffee and the morning paper. Adding color and texture using flowers and plants around the pergola adds a bright and inviting addition to the landscape.


Create a simple patio underneath the backyard pergola to use for outdoor living and dining. Add a layer of pebbles under the pergola structure to use for the base of the patio and create a vibrant texture to the ground. Over the pebble patio nestle a patio set for eating your favorite meals with friends and family. Add outdoor and weather-resistant pillows to the chairs in a vibrant design to add an inviting addition to the space. Use accents like a set of paper lanterns hung from the pergola roof to light up the space and add a soft glow at night. Don't forget to cut a sprig of herbs and a flower bloom to add to a vase for a simple centerpiece to your patio table.

Climbing Vines

Add colorful vines to the backyard pergola for a lush and shaded pergola tunnel. Grow the vines around each pergola post for a stunning green design. As they grow up towards the sun, watch as they begin to cover the top of the pergola and create a lovely and shaded roof to the patio beneath. Plant vigorous growers like a grapevine or wisteria vine. Both with their stunning foliage and cascading blooms add a beautiful addition to the space. Jasmine vines are also a fragrant vine to use to cover your backyard pergola. Their stunning blooms and sweet scent will permeate the air.


Add colorful containers filled with your favorite flowering perennials and annuals around the pergola. Nestle them around the space to add a vibrant touch to the pergola space. Use one container to create a miniature herb pot to use in your favorite dishes. Plant basil, chives and thyme for a lush design and contrast to the colorful blooms around the landscape. Use small annual flowers like pansies to help fill in small spaces within the containers and to change out each season for a fresh new design. Grow a colorful bush like a hydrangea in a large container to sit at the entrance of the pergola as a colorful welcome.

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