How to Arrange Flowers & Ribbons


Ribbons and flowers seem to naturally go together. What would a corsage be without a perky ribbon, and no bridal bouquet would seem complete without complimentary ribbons. Professional florists often wrap a bouquet in satin ribbons or add one to an arrangement as the final touch. Ribbons come in a variety of widths and fabrics and may contrast with the color of the flowers, complement them or bring in another color entirely. Flowers from the garden seem more special with the addition of ribbons.

Step 1

Cut a 6-inch length of satin ribbon so that both ends are cut at a 45-degree angle. Double over the ribbon so that both ends are pointing upwards. Attach the ribbon to a floral stake by wiring the middle of the ribbon to the stake. Keep the ends pointing upwards. Place the ribbon-topped stake in the bouquet as if it were a flower.

Step 2

Tie a ribbon around the vase of flowers with a bow on the front.

Step 3

Tie a bow around a sturdy-stemmed flower like a rose or sunflower right under the blossom. Display singly or all in one vase.

Step 4

Hold a few short stems of greenery in your hand. Place a rosebud or other small flower over the greenery. Wrap the stems with floral tape, twisting and stretching the tape. Tie a ribbon and bow around the mini bouquet.

Step 5

Attach a bow to a floral pick and poke it into the bottom edge of the floral arrangement off to one side.

Step 6

Wrap a bouquet in tissue paper and tie the tissue paper closed over the bouquet with a ribbon. The flowers at the top of the tissue paper should be visible.

Step 7

Twine wire-edged ribbon through a bouquet.

Step 8

Gather a bouquet of flowers in one hand so that all of the flowers are at the same height. Fasten a rubber band around the stems together at the top. Cut the stems to the same length. Wrap the stems in ribbon, crisscrossing as you go. Tie the ribbon firmly about three inches from the bottom. Place the bouquet in a straight-sided vase that is filled with only a few inches of water so the ribbon doesn't get wet.

Step 9

Thread ribbon through open spaces on the rim of a basket. Fill the basket with flowers. Attach a bow made from the same ribbon to a floral stake and set the bow in the flowers as if it were simply another flower.

Tips and Warnings

  • Some ribbon will stain with a water mark if it gets wet.

Things You'll Need

  • Wire-edged ribbon
  • Wire-edged bows
  • Satin ribbon by the yard
  • Scissors
  • Floral pick
  • Floral wire
  • Rubber band


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  • Flower Arranging for Hobbyists
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