How to Make Flower Arrangements at Home


You can make your own simple flower arrangements at home, instead of purchasing expensive designs from your local florist. Pick flowers from your own garden or purchase a bunch of pre-cut fresh flowers from your local grocery store. Most importantly, make sure you plunge the cut stems into water immediately after cutting. Grocery stores will already have the bunches of blooms in a water-filled plastic bag.

Step 1

Pour the packet of floral preservative, that came with your bunch of flowers, into a clear vase. You can also purchase the preservative from a craft store, florist or garden center.

Step 2

Fill the vase, half way, with water. Stir the mixture to dissolve the preservative.

Step 3

Insert filler into the clear vase, such as shells, pennies, stones, florist marbles or buttons, 3/4 of the way to the top.

Step 4

Run warm water into your plugged sink. Place the flower and greenery stems into the water. Remove all the leaves that will fall below the lip of the vase. Leaves left soaking in water will cause fungus, shortening the life of your flowers.

Step 5

Choose one to three flowers for the center of your arrangement. They should be the showiest (largest, brightest blooms) flowers of the bunch. Cut them with a garden clipper, at an angle, under the water. A general rule is to measure your vase and divide the number in half. This is how high out of the top of the vase your main blooms should be. However, most importantly is to gauge the arrangement to the size of the container, through personal aesthetic value. Place the flowers in the center of the vase. The filler will hold them in place.

Step 6

Cut additional flowers and greenery, at an angle, under the water as you place them around the main flowers. They should be cut and placed in a downward, cascading manner from the main flowers.

Step 7

Pour additional water into the vase, if needed. The water in your flower arrangement should be changed every few days, adding more floral preservative each time.

Things You'll Need

  • Fresh-cut flowers
  • Clear vase
  • Floral preservative
  • Garden clipper
  • Filler


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