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Although tropical flowers naturally grow in warm, humid climates, you can find them almost anywhere in the world. Nowadays, many gardeners re-create a tropical habitat at home and cultivate these types of flowers themselves.

Bird of Paradise

The flowers on this plant look like the feathers of the Bird of Paradise, hence the name. Originally from South Africa, this tropical flowering plant can shoot up to 33 feet tall, although it usually grows only half that height.


The Datura blooms large, white, trumpet-shaped flowers that can grow almost 8 inches long. It also goes by the names angel's or devil's trumpet, pricklyburr and thorn-apple.

Red Hibiscus

Big, trumpet-shaped red flowers can measure up to 6 inches in diameter on the red hibiscus and they usually contain five petals.

Blue Lady

The rounded, deep blue flowers on the Blue Lady grow as big as 39 inches and one plant can bloom 40 flowers. It has a sweet fragrance and is self-pollinating.

Silver Mimosa

The yellow flowers on the Silver Mimosa aren't the main attraction; the silvery-blue leaves are the most eye-catching feature. This tropical flower can only be found in and around Cootamundra, Australia, a small town in New South Wales.


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